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Romney Destroys Obama’s Foreign Policy Nonsense with Putin – YouTube

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Obama is running on arrogance fumes:


Obamacare Implementation will be ‘Messy,’ White House Admits Obamacare is Tyranny

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ObamaMehNo shit.  Who knew?  Who could have foreseen this?

The White House now admits the full implementation of Obamacare will be “messy,” especially when it comes to deciding what care to provide to illegal immigrants.

Question. What do you mean “deciding what care to provide to illegal immigrants?”  The laws are already passed, morons…  How about none, since the options still sound like they’re open?

America is in serious, serious trouble.

Rand Paul Occupies the Office of Henry Clay, America’s “Great Compromiser”

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An America Worth Saving

Henry Clay was “The Great Compromiser.” As a statesman for the Union, his skills of negotiation and compromise proved invaluable in helping to hold the country together for the first half of the 19th century. His compromises quelled regionalism and balanced states rights and national interests. As a result, the Civil War was averted until it could not be avoided and the nation could survive it.

Today, Rand Paul sits in Henry Clay’s office, something Rand Paul, not insignificantly, mentioned while conducting his recent and epic filibuster seen ‘round the world.  Clearly a shot across the bow of certain Republicans and policy, and most certainly a presage of things to come.

While Rand’s filibuster was portrayed by liberals and Democrats as grandstanding, it was really a shrewd and purposeful message to the President that even Presidential power has limits, limits of which Barack Obama was forced to put in writing, under Rand’s duress, in front of the whole world.  The White House could not have been happy about that melodramatic encounter.

It’s no surprise Rand would welcome associations to Henry Clay:

Abraham Lincoln once said of Clay that he was “my beau ideal of a statesman” and adopted much of his political ideology himself.

Rand’s future is still uncertain as recent run-in’s with an arrogant John McCain as well as Lindsey Graham show that even a “Great Compromiser” can quickly find themselves deep in the fray.  So far, though, Henry Clay’s old office seems to be working out pretty well for our young protagonist from Kentucky.

The Crushing Debt the Democrats and Obama Foisted on America

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You still believe the media myth that George Bush was the big spender compared to Obama?  Go away Liberal troll.

The following chart shows the total Government debt from 2000 and beyond, expressed as a percentage of GDP:

US Government Debt

Notice during the early George Bush years that debt rose in direct correlation to 9/11, hurricane disasters, and engagement in multiple massive wars.  Incredible amounts of anti-terror infrastructure, CIA black sites, Guantanamo Bay, airport security, and military and defense build-up took place, including creating the highly successful drone program that Obama wishes he could take credit for.  Stuxnet, which wiped out Iran’s centrifuge program with a super sneaky computer virus?  Sorry, that is also thank you George Bush.

What stands out most is not how massively efficient George Bush’s accomplishments were compared to the debt incurred by Obama, it is what happens in 2007.  Democrats took full control of Congress.  A truly scary time in our history. By the time Obama takes office, the percentage of debt to GDP rises nearly 25%.  Housing collapse you say?  Well, sure.  It was a huge factor.  A Democrat factor.  One that George Bush tried to prevent multiple times and was blocked each time by Democrats like Barney Frank, Franklin Raines, Barbara Boxer, and Maxine Waters screaming faux-racism.  Truth be told, you should ask Bill Clinton who really started that Greek tragedy rolling.

Next, enter Obama. Debt rising astronomically.  Economy on the cliff.  Instead of pulling back or producing a rational solution, our faux-Nobel Peace Prize liberal decides he’s not going to let reality contain his arrogance.   Off he goes with a liberal wink at jobs to foist Obamacare.  Actually, there was the failed Chicago Olympic quest, Union Card Check, Global warming carbon scams, and a few other hiccups in road like giving GM to the Unions to get out of the way first.

Gasoline was $1.84 the day Obama took office.  For the bulk of his first term and through today his anti-capitalism and faux-domestic energy policies have contributed to one of the biggest generational thefts besides Obamacare, in the form of gasoline prices against the American people.  Catalyzed by the suppression of oil drilling on the east, west, and Gulf coasts shortly after Obama took office.  $100 Billion wasted on Solyndra-like green subterfuges.  Pretend-stimulus programs that in reality were epic wealth transfers to blue State budget shortfalls and union jobs and pensions.

There have been systematic, massive expansions of entitlements so far reaching that foreign propaganda literature has been created to promote and encourage it.

Even after adjusting for inflation and population growth, entitlement transfers to individuals have grown 727% over the past half-century, rising at an average rate of about 4% a year.

Don’t even think about taking a look at the capitalism-stifling regulations that have recently been announced or the FED’s program to spend $40 Billion each month, indefinitely, to prop up the stock market.

Nearly everything Obama says in public are lies.  Carefully crafted and parsed words, directionally-correct, lawyered-up speeches designed to fool the entitlement class and the less fortunate who can’t discern the propaganda.  But the debt Obama has created with help from the Democrats is very real, as is his army of palms-upturned supporters who, mostly by sheer ignorance, keep this disaster rolling.

Most of the things Obama has done in his first term should have cost him the second term election… jobs, wars, gas prices, Obamacare, green energy disasters, EPA overreach, foreign policy failures, eight embassy attacks, including Benghazi where four Americans were negligently sacrificed by the State Department. Not to mention 23 million real unemployed.  History will be analyzing that list for years to come for it’s inability to hold him to account for his own actions and inactions.   In the meantime, the American suffering and lies will continue.  As will the skyrocketing and unsustainable debt.

Mr. President, You Keep the Audacity. The Outrage is Ours

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In the second debate, an angry Obama dares ask how he can be questioned about Americans being killed while flailing about some video.  He states there ‘was no actionable intelligence.’  Well Mr. President, four Americans are dead.  You can keep your audacity.  The outrage is ours:

US State Department Focuses on Non-English Translations Instead of Security

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A US Ambassador and three other Americans lost their lives in Libya after the US State Department outsourced security and replaced trained security assets with $13/hour delivery boys, then testified under oath that “budget” was not an issue.

Meanwhile, your tax dollars are being twittered away on unnecessary Spanish translations even though the national language in America and much of the world is English.

-10/12/12  On-Camera Press Briefing in Spanish;  Assistant Secretary Michael A. Hammer, Bureau of Public Affairs; Washington, DC

-10/12/12  U.S. Department of State Hosts Press Briefing in Spanish, Updated Time; Office of the Spokesperson; Washington, DC

-10/10/12  U.S. Department of State Hosts Press Briefing in Spanish, October 12, 2012; Office of the Spokesperson; Washington, DC

-10/05/12  U.S. Department of State Hosts Spanish-Language Twitter Briefing October 11, 2012; Office of the Spokesperson; Washington, DC

BOMBSHELL: Republicans Made Secret Fact Finding Trip to Libya Ahead of Hearings

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Democrats in panic mode as Libya hearings about to take spotlight and put major heat on Obama and State Department for their lies and cover-ups:

A Democratic memo accuses Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) of trying to hide a fact-finding trip to Libya from Democrats.

The trip was used to gather evidence for a politically charged hearing the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will hold Wednesday on security lapses at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, the memo said.

U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three others were killed in a terrorist attack on the consulate last month.

via House Democrats accuse Issa of playing politics with secret trip to Libya – The Hill’s Global Affairs.