Conservatives Say Goodbye to Mozilla Firefox

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Say Goodbye to Firefox

Due to the recent actions of Mozilla in failing to support the free speech rights of its CEO, knuckling to predatory political pressure from gays and others, the time has come to stop using Mozilla and its Firefox internet browser.

Goodbye Firefox!  Click here for instructions on how to uninstall Firefox.


Romney Destroys Obama’s Foreign Policy Nonsense with Putin – YouTube

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Obama is running on arrogance fumes:

FoxNews Obtains Classified Obama Vacation Selector

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FoxNews reporters have obtained the, until recently, top secret Obama vacation selector long thought to exist, but has never before been seen outside of the Huffington Post

Democrats say, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” but the political ramifications for 2016 are already being felt by liberals everywhere.  That would be you, Hillary.

Harry Reid expressed disbelief that FoxNews would reveal something so sacred to American Values and the Office of the Presidency, but then he had to go eat breakfast.


Liberal Bias in Academia

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Liberal bias culture and political ramifications in law schools.  About 2.5 minutes.

The Problem with Government

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The Problem with Government:


The Truth About Liberalism

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The Truth About Liberalism: