Rand Paul’s New Hampshire Speech to Republican State Committee

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He really toasts Hillary Clinton in this one.


Ben Carson Discusses Left Wing Liberal Racism in America

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Hannity has Dr. Ben Carson on to discuss liberal racism in America.

Did InTrade.com Cause Mitt Romney to Lose the Presidential Election?

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First, is InTrade.com prediction exchange being forced out of business?  Sure looks like it.

Please note that while we will try our very best to ultimately return 100% of Members’ settled account balances, we can make no promise or assurance that we will be able to do so. It is possible that, even though we gain a sufficient number of Members to agree to provide forbearance to the Company, the Company may go into liquidation in the future.

By Tuesday, April 16, 2013, we expect to be able to inform our members if sufficient forbearance has been achieved. If so, we will then resume limited operations of the Company and we will be able to process requests for withdrawals as agreed. If sufficient forbearance has not been achieved, it seems extremely likely that the Company will be forced into liquidation.

I am truly grateful for your personal expressions of support and your patience as we try to deal with this unfortunate circumstance. I appreciate the feedback provided, and I intend to exceed your expectations as we try to correct this situation. I hope that you decide to stand by our side in the effort to preserve the Company and in our efforts to pursue the complete restitution of all of your funds.

Then, some comments over at RT, Interestingly indicate they think the website had a lot to do with Mitt Romney losing the 2012 Presidential Election

InTrade in Ireland was looking to do something similar for politics with their ‘prediction market’. It sent out ‘price signals’ about which candidates were actually winning and losing market share ahead of elections and this infuriated Washington’s corrupt insiders. When InTrade and other ‘quants’ sunk Mitt Romney’s chances to win the last presidential election, the powers that be had had enough. InTrade has been taken off line without much by way of explanation.

Wow.  Those are some nice rumors coupled with InTrade’s shut down website reality might make for something to keep an eye on.

CNN Hating on Sarah Palin, Again

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Disgusting CNN commie network would burst into flames if it ever got near a church.

Rand Paul Great Interview on Fox News Sunday

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In-depth interview with libertarian Rand Paul on Fox News Sunday.  Sped up for time. Discusses many important topics: immigration, e-verify, drugs, DOMA, drones, POTUS, budget.

Jake Tapper Interviews Dr. Ben Carson

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Discusses whether Carson will run for President: