Hoffa and Teamster’s Pensions Feeling The Heat

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A little dose of how spreading the wealth goes both ways.

SocialismHoffa and Teamster’s Pensions Feeling The Heat

The Central States Pension Fund, which serves Teamsters members across the country and which also happens to be “deeply troubled,” has joined the Teamsters in lobbying for the new legislation. Insiders believe that the Fund plans to make across-the-board pension cuts.

The Teamsters’ unwillingness to allow companies to move Teamsters members out of the fund and into more secure retirement plans has enraged Teamsters members and sparked backlash against Hoffa.


Obama Administration Releases New “Pocket Budget”

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Obama Administration Releases New “Pocket Budget”


Prominent Democrats Caught in Florida Gerrymandering Scandal

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Florida Democrats coordinated with national party organizations and consultants in early 2012 to gerrymander congressional districts despite a state ban on such activities, emails obtained by the Washington Free Beaconshow.

The top state and national party leaders, including Florida congressmen Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Ted Deutsch, and Alecee Hastings, signed off on the gerrymandered maps, according to the emails released during court discovery in Romo v. Scott, a legal challenge to redistricting maps that the GOP-controlled state legislature approved in 2012.


Liberal Bias in Academia

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Liberal bias culture and political ramifications in law schools.  About 2.5 minutes.

Greta Interviews Allen West About Harry Reid’s Ignorance

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Allen West discusses the waste of life that occupies Harry Reid’s mind: