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The Ides of March Looks to Punish Democrats

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November is coming…

obamadancegoon.pngIn March 2006, when George W. Bush was president, 41% rated the economy “excellent” or “good” while 24% called it “poor” in an ABC News/Washington Post poll. Yet in that year’s midterms, Republicans lost six Senate seats and 30 House seats.

The situation facing Democrats is more ominous. The March 2 ABC News/Washington Post survey reported a mere 28% rated the economy “excellent” or “good” while 28% called it “poor.” Unless the Obama economy dramatically improves, it will be politically toxic for Democrats.

Democrats no longer have health care as a strength. The dreadful rollout of ObamaCare left the president with a 36% approval rating and a 59% disapproval rating for his handling of health care in a March 6 Fox News poll.

via March Economic Polls Bode Ill For Democrats | Karl Rove.


The Simple Way a Republican Can Win the Presidency

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ReaganThe next Republican serious candidate needs to do one simple, national speech that will take less than two minutes.  Get in front of the camera and say this:

“As President of the United States, America will no longer do business with any country that does not treat women equally both by their laws and actions.”

Sit back and think of the brilliance of that platform approach. First, it’s Reagan-esque…  In one simple sentence you ended the Democrat “War on Women” meme that is falsely used against Republicans.  You put Saudi Arabia and any Muslim country on notice without attacking their religion, but by forcefully applying the principles in America’s Constitution.   It also beats the liberal’s game when they trot out the “fairness” card and any other equality red herrings.

It’s truly that simple.  No pandering.  No bullshit.  It’s something Reagan might have done if presented with modern circumstances, and it would be a profound platform to run on that would truly change the world for the better, while simultaneously solving dozens of Conservative political issues.

Republicans, you can thank me later.

Democrats to Ashley Judd: “We’re just not that into you.”

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Like Pelosi, but not uglyThat didn’t take long.  Seems like that old liberal feminism thing is best left for academia, Hollywood, and CNN or MSNBC than real life.  What do a hot chick, bunch of film nudity, and a wheelbarrow full of ill-thought-out public radical statements have in common with the US Senate? 

Hollywood actress-turned-Senate-hopeful Ashley Judd may have a harder time winning the hearts and minds of Democrats to support her campaign against Sen. Mitch McConnell after all.

Democratic Party leaders are stepping back and taking a clear look at the candidate, and some say she may not be best to run against the five-term Kentucky senator in 2014, Newsmax reports.

“She’s going to have a tough road to hoe,” said Jim Cauley, campaign manager for Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear in 2007, in a ThisWeek.com report. “She doesn’t fit the damn state,” which is a conservative stronghold. Fully 60 percent of Kentuckians voted for Mitt Romney in 2012.

Megyn Kelly Exposes the Latest Teachers Union Outrage in Michigan

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Megyn Kelly discusses that once Michigan’s Right to work law was obviously going to pass, the Unions jumped in and quickly negotiated ugly deals to try and circumvent that and still force 10 years of mandatory dues collection even though the new law would be in place.  Disgusting, but not unusual for union thugs.

Sped up because your time is valuable

BREAKING: Benghazi attack organizer in custody

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Death to AmericaAuthorities say they have apprehended a man that is suspected of being involved in the terrorist attack in Benghazi last year that left four Americans dead.

CNN reports that 46-year-old Faraj al-Shibli (also spelled Chalabi) is being held in Libya and is considered a suspect in the September 11, 2012 assault on the United States consulate in Benghazi.

GOP lawmakers threaten to subpoena Benghazi survivors

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In-Benghazi-600The only question is why did they wait until after the Presidential election returned the Obama-Marxist to power? 

Republican lawmakers are threatening to subpoena U.S. survivors of the terrorist attack in Benghazi.

Exasperated GOP members say unless they get more answers from the White House, they will call on the survivors to testify before Congress, and might hold up President Obama’s nomination to replace the U.S. ambassador who was killed on Sept. 11, 2012 in Libya.

The recent revelation that U.S. survivors are recuperating at Walter Reed Hospital has sparked GOP demands that the White House provide Congress with access to them. It has also breathed new life into the controversy that was highlighted repeatedly during the 2012 presidential campaign.

The Look on Boehner’s Face During Obama’s Gathering is Priceless

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This photo says it all.  Even in a small forum the President has to clutch a warm blanket podium while Boehner’s contempt and disdain could not be more apparent than the empty chair metaphor to Boehner’s left.

Failed Leader