What the #IRS Really Thinks

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Obama US ChinaConsider the statements from Holly Paz:

Instead, Paz described an agency in which IRS supervisors in Washington worked closely with agents in the field but didn’t fully understand what those agents were doing. Paz said agents in Cincinnati openly talked about handling “tea party” cases, but she thought the term was merely shorthand for all applications from groups that were politically active — conservative and liberal.

Let’s go through this slowly.  “Worked closely with agents in the field, but didn’t fully understand what those agents were doing.”  Hmmm, I think I’m lost.  One more time: “Worked closely with agents in the field but didn’t fully understand what those agents were doing.”  Worked closely, but didn’t understand.  I think I have it now.

So, in effect, the #IRS is basically Nancy Pelosi… alive, breathing, and more incompetent than a rational person can conceive of.  Sadly, we all know better.  This is exactly what it looks like.  Political targeting from the highest levels of Government with tacit approval from a fully informed White House who was fully bugging the Press Corpse

Did the White House order it directly?  No, but the legal term for what they did is “acquiesced,” which means they essentially knew it was going on and by virtue of doing nothing to stop it, effectively approved it.


The US FED Has Printed Nearly $1 Trillion Since Before Presidential Election to Float US Stock Market. Financial Collapse is Inevitable with Massive US Debt

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shipThese record stock market numbers you’ve been seeing are more artificial than an Obama speech about honor.  If you’ve got any way out of the financial markets, the time is now because the unsustainable money train is about to end, and you will be left with the house of cards that has been foisted by the Obama Administration:

Fed officials have been wrestling with when and how to scale back the open-ended purchase of $85 billion a month in bonds that began in September in an attempt to stimulate more economic growth.

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The Benghazi Video Feed Lies that will Destroy Obama and Hillary

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Charlene Lamb’s testimony:

“From that point on, I could follow what was happening in almost real time,” Lamb said in written testimony prepared for a hearing today by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which has been investigating the attack and whether security was adequate.

State Department officials said yesterday they had never concluded the attack grew out of a protest over a video depicting the Prophet Muhammad, as some Obama administration officials had said last month. The officials, who briefed reporters on condition of anonymity, said there had been no protest at the U.S. consulate that day and the attack came suddenly.

Notice the Susan Rice youtube video spontaneous protest meme was destroyed immediately, but more importantly Lamb ‘could follow what was happening in almost real time.’  Sounds a lot like a live video feed with slight delay.

Now here is Hillary denying a feed existed:

Rohrbacher asks about testimony by Charlene Lamb, deputy assistant secretary responsible for embassy security, who later resigned. Lamb had testified that she watched the Benghazi attack on some kind of video feed.

There was no monitor, there was no real time,” Clinton said. “I think there was a misunderstanding… I think that perhaps what she meant was she was talking to DS people.”

So Charlene Lamb, a 25 year veteran State Department official in charge of US Embassy Security, was confused about watching the terrorist embassy killing in real time? Really? And there is positive confirmation there is at least one video feed that has been acknowledged:

The officials said the “overhead footage was available at a DODlocation,” and they declined to comment further.

So who is lying here?  Back to you, Obama.

Jason Chaffetz Exposes Obama Border Security Lies

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Nothing the Obama Administration tells you is true.  Ever.

CNN Hating on Sarah Palin, Again

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Disgusting CNN commie network would burst into flames if it ever got near a church.

Greta Interviews Allen West About Harry Reid’s Ignorance

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Allen West discusses the waste of life that occupies Harry Reid’s mind: