Rand Paul’s New Hampshire Speech to Republican State Committee

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He really toasts Hillary Clinton in this one.


Rand Paul Discusses Camera Surveillance Privacy and Spending Cuts

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Rand Paul Great Interview on Fox News Sunday

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In-depth interview with libertarian Rand Paul on Fox News Sunday.  Sped up for time. Discusses many important topics: immigration, e-verify, drugs, DOMA, drones, POTUS, budget.

Rand Paul on Hannity, Post-CPAC Interview

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Rand Paul appeared on FoxNews with Sean Hannity for an interview after speaking at CPAC2013 this past weekend.

CBS is reporting the infrastructure is already being put in place for Rand’s Presidential bid in 2016.

Rand Paul: Balance Budget in 5 Years, Axe Dept. of Education, and Go Flat Tax

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Dr. Rand Paul


Rand Paul lays down the gauntlet:

Mr. Paul said he would soon unveil a plan that balances the federal budget in five years, eliminates the Department of Education, cuts the corporate income tax in half and installs a 17-percent flat personal income tax.

Oh my:

“They want elders that won’t feed them a line of crap or sell them short,” he said. “The GOP of old has grown stale and moss-covered. I don’t think we need to name any names.”