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The Simple Way a Republican Can Win the Presidency

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ReaganThe next Republican serious candidate needs to do one simple, national speech that will take less than two minutes.  Get in front of the camera and say this:

“As President of the United States, America will no longer do business with any country that does not treat women equally both by their laws and actions.”

Sit back and think of the brilliance of that platform approach. First, it’s Reagan-esque…  In one simple sentence you ended the Democrat “War on Women” meme that is falsely used against Republicans.  You put Saudi Arabia and any Muslim country on notice without attacking their religion, but by forcefully applying the principles in America’s Constitution.   It also beats the liberal’s game when they trot out the “fairness” card and any other equality red herrings.

It’s truly that simple.  No pandering.  No bullshit.  It’s something Reagan might have done if presented with modern circumstances, and it would be a profound platform to run on that would truly change the world for the better, while simultaneously solving dozens of Conservative political issues.

Republicans, you can thank me later.


What the Future Can Tell Us About Obamacare

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What the future can tell us about Obamacare:


FOIA requesters score major win in DC court ruling

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wiretapFOIA requesters score major win in DC court ruling

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A three-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit has made a ruling that should further bolster the need for government agencies to quickly comply to demands for records. Freedom of Information Act requesters often only receive an acknowledgment from agencies that they intend to comply, but can then be left waiting for months if not years. This latest ruling empowers requesters to take the government court in such circumstances, and essentially reverses a previous judgment made in favor of the Federal Election Commission that had been supported by the Department of Justice.

Megyn Kelly on Cyprus Banking Tyranny

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International outrage is building as the world watches a nation try to seize its citizen’s money directly from their banks.  It would amount to the largest theft in world history next to the trillions Obama has taken from America with his socialism.

BREAKING: Obama National Security Letters Deemed Unconstitutional

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Good news for freedom and the Constitution in America:

A United States federal judge has declared that the super-secret National security letters that let the government garner info on Americans without their consent are unconstitutional.

On Friday, though, US District Judge Susan Illston said she thought NSLs were illegal and ordered the government to stop issuing them.

Second look at the Patriot Act, next?

Rand Paul Occupies the Office of Henry Clay, America’s “Great Compromiser”

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An America Worth Saving

Henry Clay was “The Great Compromiser.” As a statesman for the Union, his skills of negotiation and compromise proved invaluable in helping to hold the country together for the first half of the 19th century. His compromises quelled regionalism and balanced states rights and national interests. As a result, the Civil War was averted until it could not be avoided and the nation could survive it.

Today, Rand Paul sits in Henry Clay’s office, something Rand Paul, not insignificantly, mentioned while conducting his recent and epic filibuster seen ‘round the world.  Clearly a shot across the bow of certain Republicans and policy, and most certainly a presage of things to come.

While Rand’s filibuster was portrayed by liberals and Democrats as grandstanding, it was really a shrewd and purposeful message to the President that even Presidential power has limits, limits of which Barack Obama was forced to put in writing, under Rand’s duress, in front of the whole world.  The White House could not have been happy about that melodramatic encounter.

It’s no surprise Rand would welcome associations to Henry Clay:

Abraham Lincoln once said of Clay that he was “my beau ideal of a statesman” and adopted much of his political ideology himself.

Rand’s future is still uncertain as recent run-in’s with an arrogant John McCain as well as Lindsey Graham show that even a “Great Compromiser” can quickly find themselves deep in the fray.  So far, though, Henry Clay’s old office seems to be working out pretty well for our young protagonist from Kentucky.