Romney Destroys Obama’s Foreign Policy Nonsense with Putin – YouTube

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Obama is running on arrogance fumes:


The Ides of March Looks to Punish Democrats

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November is coming…

obamadancegoon.pngIn March 2006, when George W. Bush was president, 41% rated the economy “excellent” or “good” while 24% called it “poor” in an ABC News/Washington Post poll. Yet in that year’s midterms, Republicans lost six Senate seats and 30 House seats.

The situation facing Democrats is more ominous. The March 2 ABC News/Washington Post survey reported a mere 28% rated the economy “excellent” or “good” while 28% called it “poor.” Unless the Obama economy dramatically improves, it will be politically toxic for Democrats.

Democrats no longer have health care as a strength. The dreadful rollout of ObamaCare left the president with a 36% approval rating and a 59% disapproval rating for his handling of health care in a March 6 Fox News poll.

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Rome is Burning: 11 states with more people on welfare than employed

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Two and a quarter centuries of American experiment resisted putting a liberal minority in power.  What was it they knew?  What was it the public feared? What could be so absolutely dangerous that it was never done since the founders originally set us free?

Barack Obama:


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Obama Desperate to Block His Own Sequester Subterfuge

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Obama lies and pretends he had nothing to do with the Sequester, which is legislation created by Democrats to intentionally harm America with the hope of blaming it on Republicans down the road.  The facts don’t support Obama’s lie:

Obama's Chief of Staff and Harry Reid Created the "Sequester"
Obama’s Chief of Staff and Harry Reid Created the “Sequester”


OUTRAGE: Gallup Caught Fudging Polls for Obama 5 Weeks Before Election

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Disgusting.  Four years of putting up with liberal media lies and distortions and now another American institution jumps in the tank with Obama on the eve of the most important election in history.

Unusual. So, what’s going on? Alan Abramowitz of Huffington Post and The Democratic Strategist noticed that Gallup has increased its share of nonwhites from 27 percent the week of the convention to 32 percent last week, a nearly 20 percent boost. In other words, Gallup seemed to have tweaked its methodology with just weeks to go until Election Day to reflect the criticism that has come from the left.

And indeed, in a wonky and elliptical statement, Gallup chief Frank Newport essentially confirms the shift:

via Morning Jay: Politics and the Gallup Poll | The Weekly Standard.

POLITICO Calls Obama’s Foreign Policy Mega-Collapse a “Moment”

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The fawning reporters over Politico are acting like President Incomplete’s foreign policy epic failure might actually require Obama to do something.  Wow.  Might this possibly stop his perpetual campaign?  No.  Just pause long enough to try and bash Romney for being the Statesman Obama never could be.  Meanwhile, embassies around the world are burning and under siege.

The ‘moment’ Politico is referring to belongs to Carter and the 1979 hostage crisis, and the White House is deathly afraid their incomplete President’s failure to lead is becoming known to the public.  Not the MSM, of course.  The MSM fully intends to help the President insure America reaches bottom and they will jump out and help keep shoveling.

President Barack Obama had a presidential moment Wednesday in responding to the attacks in Libya that killed four Americans. He delivered—but the benefits of power also come with real responsibilities he’ll have to live up to before November.

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President Incomplete Sounds a Lot Like President Desperate

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Now he’s “more hopeful.”   Now he tells us he “doesn’t think (he) has all the answers,” which he said he had four years ago.   Suddenly, after four years, he is now aware of the magnitude of the nation’s challenges.

What, no more rise of the oceans being stopped?  No more healing the planet?  No more Cash-for-Clunkers?  Sounds like shovel-ready desperation to me.

“If you turn away now, if you buy into the cynicism that the change we fought for isn’t possible … well, change will not happen,” Obama said. “If you give up on the idea that your voice can make a difference, then other voices will fill the void. … Only you can make sure that doesn’t happen.”

The president stressed that he still has the “hope.”

“As I stand here tonight, I have never been more hopeful about America. Not because I think I have all the answers. Not because I’m naive about the magnitude of our challenges,” he said. “I’m hopeful because of you … If you share that hope with me, I ask you tonight for your vote.”

via Obama presents himself as ‘tested’ leader in convention speech, says ‘hope’ still alive | Fox News.