What Bush Should Have Said and Why Obama is Failing

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Liberals would like you to believe that the Bush Doctrine was about wars for oil. Like most liberal memes, that notion lacked reality.  The Bush Doctrine basically said we will not wait until we are attacked, ever again, before we fight back.  It was essentially the biggest foreign policy change in modern political history, and a necessary move to allow the US to fight escalating terrorism and other real threats worldwide.

President Obama often called Iraq a ‘war of choice.’  Liberals and the mainstream press (heretofore known just as “Liberals”) seized the meme and convinced voters that was a good thing.  History will show they were wrong, and Syria is case and point.  Obama now finds himself trapped by his own ignorant past statements, and more recently by his own ‘red line’ about chemical weapons.

There is no denying nearly 100,000 are dead in Syria and while the blame for many of them is not Obama’s, it’s starting to look like probably half those might be.   Obama’s ‘choice’ to not intervene was a cold, incorrect liberal political calculation that suffers this generation who only pretend they are strong like Regan, but know nothing of him beyond his name.  Obama stood by as Syrian cities were retaken by the rebels, and then the rebels were crushed by the Syrian Government.

Looking back, if Bush could have responded differently to this ‘war of choice’ meme, he might have summed up his doctrine and said, “We fight the wars we choose to so we don’t have to fight the wars we have to.”  Simple. Profound. Pithy. True. Sadly, those words never came from Bush.

“We fight the wars we choose to so we don’t have to fight the wars we have to.”

obamadancegoonThe Daily KOS once said “Obamacare is the Iraq of the Obama administration.”  Now a red line has been crossed in Syria. Terrorists have just bombed Boston, the fifth successful known placing / activation of terrorist weapons on American soil during the Obama Presidency.  Obama’s high-road has been crumbling away slowly, and no amount of irony was spared now that Obama has managed, through his hyper-partisan inaction, to turn the Syrian ‘war of choice’ into a ‘war of necessity.’


Lessons Learned from 9/11 and How the Government is Screwing that Up in Boston Bombing Case

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On 9/11 planes were transformed into weapons and used against the American people.  As a result, America learned that cowering to terrorists was no longer a acceptable default action to diffuse a major crisis and that if you are going to go down, go down swinging.  The Obama Administration, Homeland Security, and the FBI have apparently forgotten that lesson.

The recent Boston bombings are case and point.  The Government clearly identified the bombers within hours.  Then, for whatever righteous reasons, they decided to handle this themselves, effectively paralyzing an entire city.  In the 12th hour, when the political downside  exponentiation was accelerating, it occurred to them to cut bait and turn critical intel over to the American people being held hostage not by the bombers, but by the unlawful American Government lockdown.

Hours later the terrorists were no longer in control but were on the run.  Soon one was killed, and the other one cornered.  One day later the second terrorist was neutralized and the known main threat rescinded.

This was all avoidable.  The evidence of the terrorist photos should have been put in the public eye not necessarily in real time, but once the backpack carriers were positively confirmed, which was early.

It was the American people that were attacked, their way of life, and they deserve the brutal truth even when it’s not convenient for politicians.  If this country is going to continue as a free nation and expect American’s to handle the high cost of freedom, it certainly also deserves the respect to have the facts kept out in the light of day where citizens can make clear judgments and decisions for themselves, instead of being unlawfully locked down and treated like sheep.