The Simple Way a Republican Can Win the Presidency

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ReaganThe next Republican serious candidate needs to do one simple, national speech that will take less than two minutes.  Get in front of the camera and say this:

“As President of the United States, America will no longer do business with any country that does not treat women equally both by their laws and actions.”

Sit back and think of the brilliance of that platform approach. First, it’s Reagan-esque…  In one simple sentence you ended the Democrat “War on Women” meme that is falsely used against Republicans.  You put Saudi Arabia and any Muslim country on notice without attacking their religion, but by forcefully applying the principles in America’s Constitution.   It also beats the liberal’s game when they trot out the “fairness” card and any other equality red herrings.

It’s truly that simple.  No pandering.  No bullshit.  It’s something Reagan might have done if presented with modern circumstances, and it would be a profound platform to run on that would truly change the world for the better, while simultaneously solving dozens of Conservative political issues.

Republicans, you can thank me later.


One thought on “The Simple Way a Republican Can Win the Presidency

    progressivewatch said:
    November 11, 2013 at 5:18 pm

    The key to Republican victory is to return to the Republican base, the TEA Party conservatives that helped the GOP retake the house in 2010. The key to a Republican victory is to cast out the spineless progressive cowards that are rotting the core out of the center of this nation.
    John McCAin was a progressive, he lost big in 2008
    TEA Party conservative groups formed and rna canidates as republicans, won big in 2010
    Mitt Romney was ore conservative than McCain but was still a progressive and the GOP lost in 2012
    For the GOP to win elections they have to quit listening to these progressive consultants that tell them not to go after their opponents, not to stand up for what they believe in, not to have a back bone all in order to win over independents who make up less than 20% of the population.

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