UK Strikes a Huge Blow on Deadbeat Immigrants

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Wow!  A shocking UK reform that will hopefully be heard around the world.  UK has had enough of the immigrant problem and appears to be deadly serious of not following the USA into the immigrant black hole

Jobless immigrants will have UK government support payments ripped from their hands after six months. Further measures are to come into force preventing foreign entrants from even being put on a waiting list for social housing for two to five years.

Immigrants from EU states residing in Britain will lose their jobseekers’ allowancea weekly government support payment- and other benefits, if they cannot prove that they’ve actively been looking for employment, David Cameron said in a speech on Monday.
He said that concerns that immigrants “take advantage of our generosity” were not just legitimate, “but right,” adding that in the past, the UK had been a soft-touch.
Non-nationals will have to devise a way of proving that they have a ‘genuine chance’ of finding work. However, exactly how this would be done in practice is unclear. The ‘habitual residence’ test, sat by migrants who want financial support from the government, will also be made increasingly difficult.
Extra tests will have to be taken by people applying for social housing. Once the measures come into force it could take anything up to five years for residents of an area to even be put on a waiting list for a home.


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