Not Getting Invited to CPAC Makes Chris Christie a Winner? Really? A “Big” winner?

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I could have been President, you knowIf by “winning” you mean the Charlie Sheen type of catastrophic, career-limiting, mega-crater kind of winning, then Christie’s definitely seriously winning.  A 75 year old Grandmother accused Christie of “licking Obama’s balls” when he traveled around with the President during hurricane Sandy’s aftermath, which pretty much sums it up.

Somehow Politico hawked up this whopper:

Not getting invited to CPAC proved to be a blessing in disguise for the New Jersey governor. If he’d been invited, he might have taken flak for turning down the offer — or come and been booed.

The cold shoulder made him a sympathetic figure. Several very conservative attendees grumbled that Donald Trump got invited but Christie did not. He came in fourth in the straw poll with 7 percent, just below Rick Santorum’s 8 percent.

Er, yea, that’s it… sympathetic winning.  Thank you Politico for today’s humor.


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