POLITICO Calls Obama’s Foreign Policy Mega-Collapse a “Moment”

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The fawning reporters over Politico are acting like President Incomplete’s foreign policy epic failure might actually require Obama to do something.  Wow.  Might this possibly stop his perpetual campaign?  No.  Just pause long enough to try and bash Romney for being the Statesman Obama never could be.  Meanwhile, embassies around the world are burning and under siege.

The ‘moment’ Politico is referring to belongs to Carter and the 1979 hostage crisis, and the White House is deathly afraid their incomplete President’s failure to lead is becoming known to the public.  Not the MSM, of course.  The MSM fully intends to help the President insure America reaches bottom and they will jump out and help keep shoveling.

President Barack Obama had a presidential moment Wednesday in responding to the attacks in Libya that killed four Americans. He delivered—but the benefits of power also come with real responsibilities he’ll have to live up to before November.

via President Obama’s Libya moment – Darren Samuelsohn – POLITICO.com.


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