Senator “Present” Becomes President “Incomplete”

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Who could have foreseen that a Senator who had boldness arrogance to write a memoir before ever accomplishing anything, and who voted ‘present’ 129 times on critical legislation would go on to become President, let alone “President Incomplete?”

For his part, President Obama needs to change direction—immediately and decisively. His campaign strategy has been to divide the country on the basis of class, demonize the wealthy, call for higher taxes and unceasingly attack Mr. Romney. Yet poll after poll has shown that while voters embrace the idea of higher taxes on the rich, it does not translate into votes.

via Caddell and Schoen: A Campaign in Need of a Clintonian Pivot –

Imagine if Mitt Romney showed up the day before the Olympics were to start and says, “Sorry guys.  My job is incomplete.  You’ll just have to deal with it and should consider keeping me on for having done such a great job.”    The response would have been, “You’re fired!”

November will not be kind to the Liberals.


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